1. Coloring my OC Elodie! x3

  2. Sketch for new drawing with my OC Elodie! :D
    Geez, I really neglect my own characters! >___<

  3. I really like IA’s design and it was so fun to draw her!! *____*
    (How do you pronounce “IA”?)
    Her hair color was difficult to mix with watercolors: I mixed yellow and skin color with a bit pink. I’m proud of the hair coloration! xD
    All in all, I’m quite satisfied with the result!

    Speedpaint Video of this drawing

  4. Vocaloid IA Speedpaint Video! x3

  5. Sketch for next drawing! x3
    I really like her design and I think she’s easily to recognize!:D

  6. ACEO card trade with Pitch-Black! :)

  7. Challenge accepted!

    The titel fits really well to how I felt about this drawing: IT WAS A HUGE CHALLENGE! xD
    Another Pok√©mon Fanart, this time it’s the Ruby/Sapphire edition of the 3rd Generation to celebrate the oncoming remakes! *__*
    Female protagonist Haruka/May vs. Champion Daigo Tsuwabuki/Steven Stone! :D

  8. WIP! x3
    I’m so sloooooow!! Dx
    I hope I can finish it soon…

  9. Er… Surprise!^^
    I bet no one saw this coming! xD

  10. Next WIP! x3
    There’s a second Hoenn character on this drawing. If you guess right, you’ll get a virtual cookie! :D