2. After almost 3 weeks at least a little Chibi! xD
    I must admit I kinda enjoy Sailor Moon Crystal! x3

  3. Happy Birthday, Hatsune Miku! <3
    Here’s a super-quick colored sketch.
    Still very busy until mid-September.
    I try to upload every now and then.

  5. All Pokémon online battle players use Garchomp, Salamence, Lucario, Tyranitar, Rotom or Gyarados… and there comes a Pachirisu and smashes them all! xD
    Congratulation little squirrel for winning the Pokémon World Championship 2014! xDD

  6. Current WIP! x3
    Here, I started with the background because it was fun!^^

  7. Sketch for next drawing! x3
    Tried something different! xD

  8. Kinda Best-of from 2008 until 2014! :D
    It’s always a good feeling to compare your old works with your current ones!^^


  9. Anonym sagte: I love your art so much! I wish to one day be as good as you, do you have any tips on getting better at this type of art? :)

    Thank you so much! :)

    Here are my personal tips:

    1. If you’re a real beginner, I would recommend copying to you.
    The fact is you study exactly and try to reproduce it. It helps a lot!^^
    But later you have to find your own style of course! :3

    2. Have an account on an art community. It’s amazing how fast you can improve your skills when other users give you feedback on your drawings!

    3. Take references. If you always draw things by heart, you avoid things you cannot imagine cause you never drew it before! That’s not good. You have to study a lot to get better. I always use my own hands as reference when I draw hands and if I want to draw a complicated pose, I study photos or look myself in the mirror. That’s a good way to learn and improve!^^

    4. Learn from other users’ knowledge. Many of them have good tutorials, they help a lot!!^^

    5. Put love and joy into your work! Drawing should be fun and no competition! Don’t forget it!